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Wedding Dress Consulting Services

Please allow me to join you in your adventure of choosing your dream wedding gown. With almost a decade of experience in the bridal industry, there are many styles and silhouettes to choose from. Would you like a ballgown or a fitted gown, strapless or with sleeves, off the shoulder, open back or perhaps a corset style? Any bride could look beautiful in any bridal gown, but at the end of the day, you've got to feel it. You have to love your dress! And when you do, that's when you know that you've found the one.

A Day of Wedding Gown Shopping:

A "Let's Talk" Consultation  - What are you looking for in a gown? What is your theme? Where is your venue?

Two Appointments Per Day  - Together, we will go wedding dress shopping. My expertise and fashion sense will assist you in your saying "Yes to the Dress"!

Pricing:       $50.00 per hour
(Two appointments per day).

Your Bridal Buddy

Your Wedding Story is everything you imagined it could be. Now, it's time for the Big Day! Family and Friends are all around you. But you want that one person, who is unbiased and not a family member (and is also not a friend). That's where I come in. I will be "Your Bridal Buddy". I'll be right there with you, helping you into your dress and any emotional support you may need. We all know how overwhelming your Wedding Day can be, but with my help, we'll get through it together.

"Your Bridal Buddy" Services:     
$100.00 per hour (minimum 4 hours)

Full-Day Services:                       
Price to be determined

Your Groom Buddy. How did He ask?

The Groom may need "Your Groom Buddy". I'll be there right there with your Mr. Husband-To-Be!
He may need assistance with selecting that perfect and special Engagement Ring. 
I am your Personal shopper. Together we will shop for that sparkler.

The Wedding Couple may even need "Buddy Services", as I'm willing to accommodate both of you as well.
(price of which to be determined).

(All major credit cards accepted, Apple Pay, Google Pay)



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