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"The Journey of Love Continues...

By purchasing a secondhand dress (gently loved), or selling yours, you’re allowing your wedding dress to continue its journey as a truly special garment that’s made to be treasured – and worn – rather than forgotten in storage. No matter what kind of person you are, there’s definitely a sentiment attached to trying on any wedding dress. You don’t necessarily think that’s taken away from having a vintage or pre-loved one, In fact, you'd think it might be even nicer. If you had a really nice story about who wore it before, you'd definitely tell it. It makes an emotional bond between the bride who wore it first and the next customer.  It’s something quite sweet and special that you don’t get with a regular purchase. And with my world mission in saving the planet, wearing a "gently loved" dress will help the sustainability of the industry. Together, we can make the "I Wore It Once" segue into "The Journey Of Love Continues".

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